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Bonus One - Screen Rule (with giveaway rights).

ScreenRule is a useful tool for measuring the size in Pixels of anything on your screen. It is resizeable and moveable and has two cursors that let you precisely select the left, right, top or bottom limits of any object on your screen.

To make measurement even easier, you can select the transparency level of ScreenRule so that you can see the object you are measuring. This is a brand new tool developed by Phil Rogers. Give it away for free and build a massive list of webmasters.



Bonus Two - Peelaway Ad generator - Make "peelaway ads" for any web page. These unobtrusive ads "peel back" the corner of a web page to reveal your ad. This type of ad can be a lot more responsive than standard banner and image ads as your visitors choose to see them.



Bonus Three - Password Protect Pages - Password protect any page of your website quickly and easily with this useful tool.



Bonus Four - Windows Mac Redirect Tool - A **must** for anyone offering windows software. This simple script will detect the operating system of your visitors and redirect them depending on which OS they are running.


Bonus Five - Yes No Code Maker - Ask a "yes no" question on your website and display different content depending on which answer the visitor selects. This tool, used correctly can dramatically increase the response rate of your sales pages.

That's well over $250 worth of bonuses!

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