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Introducing Squeeze-U-Lator "The List Inflator"

From the desks of Dan Blackburn & Phil Rogers

Unless you just started marketing on the Internet yesterday, you will know what a "squeeze page" is. It's another name for a lead capture page. A page on your website that "squeezes" a lead out of your visitors. Usually this is done by requiring them to subscribe to your list in order to gain access to the information that they want.

The chances are that you already have at least one squeeze page set up somewhere that is building your mailing list. You may be giving a video, an e-book or a software program away for free in order to tempt people into giving you their name and email address.

This Marketing System Really Works!

If you don't have a squeeze page set up for everything that you are trying to sell online, then you really should have!

Building your own mailing list, is without a doubt the very best way to sell anything online... no matter what it is you are selling! Once you have someone's name and email address and a knowledge of what they are interested in, making money becomes easy. It costs practically nothing to send an email to your list and because your subscribers already know you and like you, there is a good chance that they will buy on your recommendation.

If you're running an online business now, or even if you're just trying to make money selling products as an affiliate, and you're not building a list from every product that you are trying to sell, the chances are that within 6 months you will no longer be trying to make money online... and it won't be because you succeeded.

It does not matter what you are trying to sell online, it could be the best product in the world! Without traffic, you are never going to sell anything!

If no-one visits your website how can you?

There are many ways of driving traffic to your website, but the very best traffic that you can ever send to your site, is the traffic that comes from your own list. Not just because sending an email to your list costs practically nothing, but also because you will get a better response rate from your subscribers than you will from any other traffic source out there. (With the exception of perhaps someone else's mailing list).

If you want to succeed online, you **must** build a list, and probably the best way to build a list is through a "squeeze page", or at least it was... until now.

New Marketing Software Dramatically Increases The Response Rate Of Your Squeeze Pages And Sends Your Conversions Through The Roof!

What if there was a simple 5 minute tweak that you could make to increase the response rate of your squeeze pages to above 50%?

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This really could be the best marketing software that you have ever seen! It does the job and it's dead easy to use. If you can copy and paste, you can use Squeeze-U-Lator.

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